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'Making My Monster' & 'Terminating My Monster' - Director's Cuts

Two new Director's Cut films are now available to purchase at AnnaListTV; part 1 which is entitled 'Making My Monster' and when I have completed my creation...part 2 entitled 'Terminating My Monster'.

You can watch the full promo below.

'Making My Monster' - 10mins 03secs

The opening scene shows Nurse Anna carefully filling her Halothane vaporiser with some mysterious liquid. The Halo vap is fitted to a steel anaesthetic trolley, the flowmeter shows that there is pressure in the trolley, the treatment is being prepared.

Nurse Anna List is wearing a genuine, authentic white cotton nurse uniform. Accessories include a stiff white nurse cap with an innocent lace trim, a white rubber apron, and matching red latex gloves and surgical mask.

As Nurse prepares the treatments, adjusts her uniform, and puts on her shiny latex surgical mask there are glimpses of her restrained patient, lying prostrate, quiet, helpless.

He appears to be encased in a #rubberbodybag, wearing an #AvonS10 respirator #gasmask, strapped down by several Humane Restraints thick fabric and leather #medicalrestraints. There is some corrugated rubber tubing and a #bubblebottle attached to the S10.

Nurse Anna beckons you to come closer and watch the process.

Listen carefully, as Nurse whispers to her creation, before placing a #BlackBeauty #anaestheticmask on his face, using her #fobwatch to time his treatment.

Listen to his breathing pattern as he inflates and deflates the #rebreatherbag, adding his own CO2 to the medicines that Nurse forces him to accept.

Nurse grips the #Everseal anaesthetic mask and holds it firmly on his face, ensuring a #closedcircuit so that none of the medicine is wasted. She stares intently into his eyes and whispers encouragement, before adding her own breath to the heady mix.

A squirt of something else is added and Nurse whispers,

"Deep breaths, that's it, deep breaths...deep breaths...DEEP breaths."

But it appears as though her creation has #driftedoff, so Nurse quickly stops the treatment, removes his #anaestheticmask, and ensures that he has come round before recommencing her intense treatment plan.

With such an affectionate, encouraging and friendly Nurse, how can our hapless patient possibly resist this very seductive bedside manner?

'Terminating My Monster' - 12mins 52secs

The story continues...

The opening scene features Nurse's extremely non-regulation knee high, laced up, high heeled black PVC boots walking in to the Clinic where you can see that her monster is now draped in a #redrubber sheet.

Nurse Anna List finishes dressing by donning her black rubber surgical mask, which matches her black heavy rubber apron. Listen to the sound of the thick black rubber as Nurse first adjusts her apron, and then puts on thick black rubber gloves.

Monster is wearing a red and black rubber zip up hood, unable to see his creator add, via a long glass pipette, a mysterious liquid to the Trilene vaporiser, securely attached to 'The Salisbury' dental anaesthetic trolley.

Nurse turns on the flowmeter, adjusts the bobbins, and holds the #Everseal #BlackBeauty tightly against his face. Once the #rebreatherbag has filled up, she releases the exhaust to allow continuous flow.

As soon as her monster #driftsoff, Nurse removes the #anaestheticmask, pushes him across the room to disorientate him, and unzips his #rubberhood.

Before monster can fully come around, Nurse straddles him, and grasping the #redrubber sheet, she places it tightly across his face, impeding his ability to breathe. Nurse holds the #redrubber sheet down across his face, tighter as monster tries to vain.

NOT Available On The Clip Sites

If you see these films available on Clips4Sale or ManyVids, be aware that you are purchasing an edited version of the film. There are a few scenes and angles that cannot be sold on these sites due to their terms and conditions (mandated by their payment processors) so we had to remove them during the editing process.


  • Version 2 - available on the clip sites

  • Version 3 - available here

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