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Medical & Dental Fetish | Breath Control | Anaesthesia Role Play

vintage nurse : fetish nurse

Please use this form to order your films


  1. Carefully read the How To Order section below. 

  2. Carefully complete the Film Orders order form below. 

  3. Make a separate note of your order total in GBP/£ for payment later. 

***Director's Cut films are £25 (25GBP) per film***

 **You cannot buy these films in their entirety elsewhere**



This is not automated service so please allow time (up to 24 hours) for us to receive your order, match your payment with your order, and  then email you with your films. 

How To Order:

  1. Enter your name and email address in the form to the right

  2. Double check your email address

  3. Choose your films by the correct box on your right

  4. Enter the number of films you are ordering

  5. Enter and make a note of the total amount to pay

  6. Submit your order

  7. Await automated response with payment instructions

  8. Make payment (send message including your email address so we can match payment to order)

  9. Receive downloadable links within 24 hours of receipt of completed order and matching payment. 

Order Form:

Choose Your Film Title/s

Thanks for ordering!

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