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How is Director's Cut Better Than The Clip Store Edit?

What exactly is a Director's Cut, and how does it differ from a video on the clip store platforms?

Over the years, it has become increasingly difficult to create content that complies with the ever-changing terms and conditions, on the various platforms. You can read more about this here.

We decided to create two edits of each film. One version would be censored, or sanitised, so that it could pass the content moderators.

The other would be the full edit, uncensored, including all of those extremely special #bestbits.

The difference is simply the scene, but zoomed in on the subject carefully excluding the stuff we know isn't allowed to 'off screen'. The result is a film that implies what I do, but doesn't confirm it.

I can't show my patient with a mask on his face. The worry for the clip platforms is that my patient has been rendered unable to withdraw consent.

So great for the atmosphere, and a hint of what is actually happening, but not a lot of detail.

Here you can see that I am using my #CypraneTRILENEinhaler on my patient, but you'll have to take my word for that. You can hear the breathing, and you can hear the valve in the inhaler working, but is the mask actually on his face?

Some lovely imagery of black corrugated hoses draping from my drip stands, and a rubber #rebreathingbag being inflated and deflated, against the fresh jade green of my #neckentry #latexbodybag but again, what is actually happening is implied and hinted at.

Nice close up of some rubber corrugated hoses. Oh, what's going on in the background? Nurse Anna has a head with a #rubberhood clasped between her strong forearms.

Ah, the #CypraneTRILENEinhaler again. What is Nurse doing with it?

Fortunately, your Nurse is a whizz at websites, and although she takes her time to build a fresh one from scratch, eventually she does.


The full Director's Cut versions of my newest content is available here, for you to order.

I'm making the effort to watch all of my newest content all over again so that I can write a comprehensive description, including all those banned words, to help you choose your favourite fetishes.

You can search my Film Library using categories, and tags, to browse the film descriptions.

Then simply fill out the order form, arrange payment, and impatiently wait for me to email you back.


If you would like to see these films in its full edit - The Director's Cut - simply contact me using my Order Form.

If you would like to be informed when a new full version Director's Cut film with all the #bestbits is available, please sign up to receive my #newsletter, by clicking on the icon, and filling in your email address.

You can unsubscribe at any time following the instructions on the newsletter.

Sign up to my newsletter to receive discounts and other special offers!

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