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Anna List Gas Medical Mistress Nurse

Nurse Anna List,

Medical Mistress, Gas Fetish Nurse, Dental Fetish Nurse conceived the idea of a dedicated white room play space

that specialised in medical fetish play.


This medical fetish based clinic

would be furnished with

genuine medical clinic and hospital furniture,

enhanced with fetish objects such as

hoods, restraints, & devices ,

complemented by fetish materials

including latex, PVC, rubber & leather.


The medical clinic offers genuine

authentic medical kit and

medical furniture with genuine asylum quality

medical restraints & latex gloves,

latex aprons, rubber masks,

and cold, hard sterilised medical grade steel.


All your fantasies of being embarrassingly

but erotically compromised by

deviant, devilish & delightful

nurses can be played out and come true!


Over the years

Medical Dental Gas

Fetish Nurse Mistress Anna List found herself

increasingly drawn to breath control play

with a particular interest and fascination in

anaesthesia, or gas, role play,

the ultimate in edge play and power exchange,

laying under the mask,

and gazing up at a medical mistress who will

subdue you, and control your breathing...until...


Nostalgia is guaranteed by using genuine,

authentic, vintage anaesthesia/anesthesia trolleys

from bygone eras to activate and retrieve

your earliest, most emotive memories.


Then you were a vulnerable, powerless,

scared little boy in those

embarrassing plastic pants

(or were they rubber pants?).


Now you are just a little bigger bigger plastic or rubber pants.


Either way I can recreate those memories of gas hissing, the swish and scent of rubber, and the inevitable submission to the mask as it descends onto your face.


Anna List (also known as Nurse Anna, or Lady Anna),

became one of the only breath play specialists worldwide

as she studied the intricate detail required to

recreate those sometimes traumatic memories that

puberty transformed into an all-consuming fetish.


An itch that needs scratching.


An itch that demands only

the best medical mistress, the

medical & breath play gas specialist

that you deserve.


Come...let me scratch you.


Let me strap you down.


Let me introduce you to my mask.


Breathe deeply for me.

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