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Milking My Rubber Gimp: Director's Cut

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Part 1 - 14mins 51secs

Your favourite #Nurse is looking forward to her next patient. Nurse Anna List is dressed in her black #PVC #nurseuniform, with her heavy black #rubberapron and her black #latexmask.

Her long legs are clad in high heeled back PVC lace up knee high boots. Not that her rubber clad gimp is going to notice her boots!

Gimp is wearing tight latex trousers, a transparent latex shirt, and a tight latex hood.

Nurse Anna knows that this gimp is very nervous of the #blackbeauty mask. Nurse knows that this gimp likes to struggle and even refuse her mask. Nurse Anna loves resistant patients because despite their superior physical strength, Nurse has genuine Humane Restraints #medicalrestraints and an irresistibly seductive bedside manner.

As soon as her rubber gimp is securely strapped onto the plinth Nurse Anna puts on her shiny black #rubbergloves and demonstrates her power by forcing her #CypraneTRILENEInhaler onto his struggling face by pining his head between her strong arms.

He will breathe it!

Nurse Anna's #rubbergimp is soon put under her #blackbeauty #everseal #anaestheticmask for a taste of her #gas before switching back to her Cyprane Inhaler for some more of her special medicine.

Finally, Nurse Anna will fully #knockout her gimp to prove her superiority and power over him prior to the next part of the treatment plan. Watch his subsequent confusion as he comes around.

Milking My Rubber Gimp II: Director's Cut

Part 2 - 11mins 32secs

After another taste of Nurse Anna's Cyprane Inhaler, her rubber gimp is assessed for further treatments.

Gimp's tight latex trousers aren't enough to hide his obvious excitement. All that struggling and resistance when really he is extremely turned on!

Nurse Anna List undoes her patient's latex trousers to pull out his extremely sensitive penis. Nurse discovers that her gimp has an extremely sensitive frenulum. What fun!

Using her rubber clad hands, plenty of lubricant, and her pink silicone vibrating toy, Nurse Anna teases and torments her rubber gimp.

Nurse Anna edges her gimp, over and over again, denying him relief.

Time for the Hitachi #MagicWand!

Nurse Anna teases her gimp relentlessly with the powerful #MagicWand, running it from his balls to his extremely sensitive frenulum, and as his erection bobs and strains she denys him by again placing the Cyprane Inhaler on his face.

If he breathes my medicine, can he feel his penis anymore? I doubt it.

Nurse Anna decides that gimp needs another session under her #blackbeauty #anaestheticmask and whilst pinning his head securely between her strong forearms she places the mask securely over his face.

Forget his edging! Gimp can wait!

As gimp gazes at his Nurse's dark eyes, he sees her attention again turn to his erection. Restrained and unable to stop her, Nurse teases him with her #MagicWand.

"Nurse knows"

Although gimp is moaning with pleasure he declares

"I need to go to sleep!"


"You need what Nurse tells you!"

Cue apology, cue more moaning and groaning from my hapless gimp as I tease him mercilessly with stimulation and vibration.

"Oh god, its going to cum..."

Oh yeah?


Nurse Anna, that cruel and heartless Nurse, casually stops the #MagicWand and dismissively drops his straining and almost there but not quite erection.

Cue some very disappointed groans from a very denied gimp. Pahahahahaha!

Milking My Rubber Gimp III: Director's Cut

Part 3 - Coming Soon

Does Nurse Anna tease gimp some more?

Does gimp get some more medicine?

Does gimp's edging result in a very happy ending?

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NOT Available On The Clip Sites

If you see these films available on Clips4Sale or ManyVids, be aware that you are purchasing an edited version of the film. There are a few scenes and angles that cannot be sold on these sites due to their terms and conditions (mandated by their payment processors) so we had to remove them during the editing process.


  • Version 2 - available on the clip sites

  • Version 3 - available here

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