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Why AnnaListTV?

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Why do I have an AnnaListTV website separate to my other site?

Why would I go to all the effort and expense of creating another fabulous website?

Good questions, let me explain...

Censored content

Like most content creators, I have been heavily restricted in what I can show in my films.

Over the years, as further legislation comes out, my films have been subjected to more and more thorough inspection and rejection. What was uploaded several years ago couldn't possibly be uploaded now.

Strict terms and conditions

Clip platforms have to adhere to strict guidelines provided by their payment processors who in turn have to adhere to Visa and Mastercard terms and conditions.

Certain practices, and words, have been banned outright, and the list gets longer and longer every year. 

This has resulted in having to upload heavily edited clips on clip sites such as Clips4sale, ManyVids, and the rest, with some platforms more strict than others.

Just when you think you understand what is allowed, another film is rejected, again.

When 'a period of time' is banned for using a 'naughty' word

Whilst I understand the need to have guidelines to ensure exploitative practices are prevented, to protect young and vulnerable performers (both willing and coerced), I'm quite fed up of having to prove the age of my middle aged and perfectly happy patients. 

We recently had a clip description rejected for using the word 'period' as in 'for a long period of time' ...because 'period' could refer to menstruation. (which is clearly so disgusting or taboo that a healthy natural function has to be banned outright!)

Artificial (un)Itelligence doesn't allow for context it seems, period.

So we created...

Put simply, everything we want to show but can't sell anywhere.

Clip sites

We still sell on selected clip stores, but only a heavily edited version to stay on the right side of their censorship and terms & conditions.

Keeping a store and profile on the clip sites is a great way to be found by new fans.

My hope though, is that they eventually find this website, and understand why the 'quality' of my content has gone, somewhat, downhill in terms of what I can show.


But on this site, you can browse my library of content and order the full edit, the Director's Cut, all the Best Bits, in full, everything on show, all those juicy details, and enjoy the full experience. As intended.

All the while, knowing:

That my content is 100% consensual
With grown men
Who just want more of the same please

So how do I see these Director's Cut films?

This website isn't complete and probably never will be, as long as I am creating content.

I'm adding promo videos for each film and spending a considerable amount of time writing up comprehensive descriptions, finally free to write what I want, rather than dodging around banned words.


If you would like to see these films in its full edit - The Director's Cut - simply contact me using my Order Form.

If you would like to be informed when a new full version Director's Cut film with all the #bestbits is available, please sign up to receive my #newsletter, by clicking on the icon, and filling in your email address.

You can unsubscribe at any time following the instructions on the newsletter.

Sign up to my newsletter to receive discounts and other special offers!

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