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The Punishment of Nurse Summers

Nurse Anna is not happy.

Junior Nurse Summers has been parading around the wards in not an official nurse uniform but a skimpy PVC strippergram type uniform.

Instructed to attend Nurse Anna's clinic Nurse Summers receives a severe scolding for misconduct and embarrassing the hospital.

Of course Nurse Summers tries to squirm out of the scolding but Nurse Anna is not having any of it. Nurse Summers scolding leads to more punishment.

Strapped down to Nurse Anna's medical plinth, Nurse Summers receives the strapping and spanking of her life.

The punishment does not stop there. Nurse Anna leaves Nurse Summers strapped down and the next people to find her will be the two male porters tomorrow morning.

NOT Available On The Clip Sites

If you see these films available on Clips4Sale or ManyVids, be aware that you are purchasing an edited version of the film. There are a few scenes and angles that cannot be sold on these sites due to their terms and conditions (mandated by their payment processors) so we had to remove them during the editing process.


  • Version 2 - available on the clip sites

  • Version 3 - available here

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