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Nurse Anna and the Dental Fetishist - parts 1-5

We are in Nurse Anna's dental clinic with Nurse Anna and a patient who seems to have some kind of fear about going to the dentist. This is a strange one because this patient doesn't really seem to have any fears at all.

Nurse Anna restrains her patient tightly into her dental chair, checks his teeth which are all fine, but then realises that he isn't really scared of the dentist, he is nervous but that is because he has a dental fetish and a crush on dental nurse Anna.

Of course Nurse Anna goes along with his story, she knows his game. After strapping him down tightly Nurse proceeds to carry out some very extensive techniques that she is world famous for to relax this fetish seeking man.

As the film series develops you will be as surprised as the patient to see that some dental nurses have some very specialised equipment designed not for his dental work but his cock. Why would this be?

Watch and find out.

If you have a dental fetish, a medical fetish, a nurse fetish, a uniform fetish, a bondage fetish, love edging, love cock tease, and what we know nurse is best at then this is for you.

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