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Clip Orders - resolved!

Dearest Patients, I have had a few issues with receiving the correct notifications of clip orders, as in, not at all, but after a bit of head scratching and tinkering in the 'back end' I have solved the issue, tested it, and all is now well.

Are you waiting for your order?

Don't worry, I have found them and confirmed payment received (thank you for the polite prompts). Your orders will be fulfilled this afternoon, so standby.

Are you going to add more films, Anna?

Yes! I will, but I'm currently struggling with an old MacBook Air so please be patient. My touchpad has packed up and I keep losing my mouse.

All my recent full edit with #BestBits films are available so if you really want a particular one, just send in the order form and use the Message field to state which one.


If you would like to see these films in its full edit - The Director's Cut - simply contact me using my Order Form.

If you would like to be informed when a new full version Director's Cut film with all the #bestbits is available, please sign up to receive my #newsletter, by clicking on the icon, and filling in your email address.

You can unsubscribe at any time following the instructions on the newsletter.

Sign up to my newsletter to receive discounts and other special offers!

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