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A Latex Milking - parts 1 - 5

Nurse Anna has her patient masked and clad in tight restrictive shiny rubber, just how she likes them.

Restrained to her bed this rubber clad patient cannot move, the restraints are too strong and too tight to possibly escape from.

The reason for the restraints? Nurse Anna will not allow him to leave her care until every drop of cum has been drained from his body.

Watch how Nurse milks her patients dry. Of course she could simply bring this patient to orgasm very quickly, but if you know Nurse Anna then you will know that this will not be quick. This will be a long and tormenting edging session mixed with a few surprises of what Nurse is most famous for.

If rubber, latex, restraints, rubber masks, rubber hoses, aprons, edging, milking, tease and denial, controlled orgasms and the very sexy deviant Nurse are your desires then you need to watch.

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